Lines represented by Hill and Company

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Alium Batteries

Li-Polymer, Li-ion, Ni-MH Batteries, Li-SOCL2, Li-Ma02, Li-SO2 Batteries, Battery Packs, Battery Chargers


Industrial NAND Flash Memory, Industrial SATA/PATA SSD, Micro SD and USD Memory Cards, eMMC & uSSD


Load Cells/Pins, Load Cell Calibration, Torque Sensors, Custom Solutions


Wiring Harnesses, Membrane Switches, Silicone Parts, Stampings, Connectors


Terminal Blocks, Board to Board Connectors, M12 M8 Cable Assemblies

Mornsun Power

AC/DC Enclosed Switching Power Supply, AC/DC Converter, DC/DC Converter, Transceiver Module, Signal Conditioning Module, IGBT Driver, EMC Auxiliary Device

Qualtek Electronics Corp

Desktop and Wall Mount Power Supplies, Heat Shrink Tubing, Power Cords, Cord Sets, AC and DC Axial Fans, USB and Data Cables

Sensata Technologies

AIRPAX – Circuit Breakers; BEI – Position Sensors, Encoders; C3 – Reed Relays; CRYDOM – Solid State Relays; KAVLICO – Pressure Sensors, Pressure Switches


Switches: Rocker, Pushbutton, Limit, Safety,  Micro-switches, Proximity Sensors, Joysticks, Shifters, Beacon Lights, Keypads, CAN-Bus Controls

TT Electronics

BI TECHNOLOGIES – Potentiometers, Magnetics Position Sensors; OPTEK – Optoelectronic Sensors and Switches; WELWYN RESISTORS – Resistors, Hybrid/Microcircuits